Features of a Good Design

People love having anything that is considered as good or beautiful. We usually spend most of our money on things that are stylish. In fact, we consume our money on objects that are aesthetic rather than something with a good design.

Aesthetic is what sticks to the head of most people when it comes to design. We usually think that design points out to the outward appearance of an object or system. What we don’t really understand is that it’s a package of various things. A good design provides function, innovation, style, and durability all at a fair cost.

As a consumer, you need to know how to spot a good design from a bad one. Aside from getting the value for your money, you should also be making the right decision. You don’t have to purchase something based on its appearance. In fact, you should always consider buying something according to its overall function and purpose. Does it have the features of a good design?


A good design is something that can provide users with what they need. Most of the modern designs are focused on making our lives convenient. If it doesn’t serve its purpose, then it shouldn’t be considered as a good design. People should know how to spot a good design from a bad one. You don’t have to spend your money on trial and error if you know how to look at a design. Here are some tips that will help you decide on whether you are getting a good design or not.

What to Look for in a Design

There are several things to look at in a design. Among these are function, innovation, style, durability and cost. All of these are important factors that you need to consider when looking for a good design. If one of these is missing, then you shouldn’t consider it as a good one. After all, they were designed to provide all of these in the first place.


Every good concept should come to reality, especially the brilliant ones. However, if a project doesn’t function properly by the time it has been completed, then you can’t consider the design as a good one. More often than not, it requires various things which includes an innovation. Basically, a product is bought for its function or usefulness. If it doesn’t function properly or doesn’t work at all, what’s the point of spending money to get it? A good design focuses on the function or usefulness of an object or system.

Once a product doesn’t perform or function as promised, more often than not, it’s the design that’s at fault. Designers usually run a test on where it has failed. Function is an important aspect you need to consider checking first when looking at a good design. While you’re at it, continue your inspection by checking on the other factors.


Product refinement or the enhancement of an item is an important part of a good design. Products with a good design are usually enhanced from time to time. It’s one way to make sure that a company keeps its loyal advocates while getting more and more customers to support their products. Most of the successful companies put emphasis on the innovation of their products or designs. Objects and systems should not stay as they are forever. They need improvements every now and then to catch up with the needs of the people.

A good design is one that can basically deliver product refinement whether it is an object or a system. You can easily spot these as they continuously enhance their products even though they are already good enough for the people’s needs.


Aside from being useful, an object should also be aesthetic. Function is best coupled with aesthetic as it provides a brand new package to the user. Every person would love to have something that is beautiful and useful at the same time. In fact, most people look at objects based on their appearance aside from their usefulness. More often than not, we tend to overlook its function as we focus on its visual appeal.

Although we shouldn’t always focus on its appearance, then its beauty will be put to waste if we don’t appreciate it. In fact, there’s no point in making something look presentable to the users if that’s the case. Cars won’t be designed to look elegant and stylish as manufacturers can always make box shaped vehicles.


The durability of a product also depends on its design. Basically, if the design was meant for low quality materials, then you’ll definitely get poor quality results. Products with a good design are built to last for a long period of time. Despite the fact that they’ll most likely to lose their beauty, they should never decrease their sturdiness over time.

A product that is designed to last should withstand various issues that may affect its integrity. If it’s not designed to last, then it will probably be thrown after a few years. Durability is one of the best features of a good design. One of the best examples are the heavy-duty machineries. As a user, you would prefer machines that will last for a longer period of time, especially in continuous, intensive operations. If not, then there’s no point in buying a machine that would break down in a short span of time. More often than not, we would only spend our money on a design that will give our money’s worth. If not, then most of us wouldn’t purchase that product at all.


Lastly, the cost of a product is designed to make it affordable or fair to its value. Smart entrepreneurs know the importance of setting the right price. If not, then nobody will purchase their products. In fact, no one will spend a single dollar for their product regardless of how good they promise to the market. The price of a product is very important.

Never spend your money on a product that doesn’t deliver to what they’ve promised, especially if they are expensive. A good product is always sold at a fair price regardless of its usefulness, durability, and style. Products should be cost-friendly in order for the consumers to actually enjoy its ownership.

Both function and beauty are worthless if you can’t enjoy a product for a long period of time. In fact, it doesn’t matter if you bought it for less even with a good design. It’s important for an object to have an overall impact as a whole. After all, a product doesn’t have to specialize on a certain characteristic. Users are looking for a combination of all the good things expected from a product. If a design can’t provide these, then it’s not worth spending your money on these things. As a consumer, looking for a good design can be challenging, especially with all of these characteristics to look for in a product.

A design should have an overall appeal to the consumer. It should always make sure that it provides more than appearance. The design of a product should always have all of the above-mentioned characteristics in order to be acknowledged as a good one. Otherwise, it’s just a waste of your money when buying one.

How to Stop Shopping Addiction

To define terms, what is shopping addiction? A lot of people seem to confuse this with simply shopping. Every time they shop and spend a lot, they immediately (proudly) proclaim on social networks that they have the ‘shopping addiction.’ However the truth is much deeper than spending a few hundreds of dollars on a shopping spree. The shopping addiction is similar to any other forms of addiction. It ruins your relationships and takes over your life in a very unhealthy way. In fact, the shopping addiction is one of the reasons why divorces happen, why people are deep in debt, and why people seek rehabilitation. It’s not that glamorous as some movies or novels would make you believe. If you think that you or a loved one is suffering from compulsive shopping or shopping addiction, here’s what you can do to get you started on the path to recovery.

Choose Your Payment Wisely

A major factor why shopping binges are very easy is because compulsive shoppers can use a credit card any time. Even if they don’t have the money to pay for all of their purchases, they still go through with the shopping spree. It creates a very vicious cycle when all their money and resources go towards paying the credit card fees. Once the fees are paid off, they go on a shopping spree again without worrying about the financial consequences.

One thing that has been proven to be effective is to use debit cards or simply paying in cash. In this way, you severely limit your spending habits and also get an immediate glimpse on the total expenses you will incur. Cutting credit cards or giving them to a reliable relative, so that you will only use them in emergencies, is a good strategy to limit your spending.

Look at What You Have

Compulsive shoppers tend to have a hoarding personality. They immediately buy things without thinking if they will use it or not. They think that they will find an event wherein they can wear that newly purchased item or accessory. What happens in reality is that they fill closets and wardrobes with clothing or accessories that have never been used, some still with tags. Before you think about shopping for something new, take a good hard look at your closet and look at the clothes which you haven’t worn yet. Chances are that some of these pieces of clothing are already out of style or can’t fit you anymore. It’s hard to accept reality, but since you won’t need them anymore you can opt to sell them or donate them instead. This will give you a sense of control and will also make you realize that shopping isn’t very productive in the long run.

Take up a Hobby

When people get bored, it’s easy to go into a mall to kill time but end up with bags of clothing or accessories. Instead of heading to a mall or grocery store when bored, try to learn more productive hobbies. You can focus your time and energy on activities you can do at home instead, like gardening, reading books, drawing, or even take up a telecommuting job. This way, you won’t be tempted to make multiple small purchases that add up in time.

Use a List

Whether you are going to the grocery store or the mall, prepare a list beforehand so that you’ll come ready. It is helpful to bring a list so that you can write only what you need and not what you want. If possible, you can even edit your list and trim it down so that you’ll only have the basic necessities left. Once you’re inside the store, it can be a different matter. You need to stay focused on your list and avoid being tempted too easily. If you think that you need something that isn’t on your list, you can always postpone buying it until the next day. Go home first after buying everything from your list, then check if you really need the item or not.

Postpone the Urge

If you think that you want an item because it’s on sale or if it’s a good opportunity, then it’s not a good enough reason. You don’t really need it today so you can postpone buying it for the next few days. If you put the buying urge on hold and think about it again the next day, you might find out that the urge to buy the item will fade and you won’t be interested in it the same way as yesterday. Even if you think that you can simply return it, the fact is that shopaholics never return their purchased items within the time limit for a cash refund. In this situation it’s much better to simply avoid it altogether.

Bills First

Before you head out for a shopping binge, try to pay your bills first. If your bill isn’t due yet, set aside the amount equivalent to your monthly bills. While you’re doing this, you can even review your checking account and credit card balances. This will give you a realistic perspective on your finances and also give you an exact figure on your spending budget, so that your desire to spend money on unimportant things will be reduced.

Buy In, Get Out

It can be very boring for a shopping habit, but this has been proven to work time and time again. Men’s shopping habits include going to the store, buying the item, and then going out. They don’t spend time going through the aisles, or browsing what’s on sale today. It can be very boring, but it will definitely save you a lot of money by avoiding triggering your impulses to buy a useless item.

Buddy System

When you shop, it’s a good idea to bring someone with you. Bring a relative or a friend who knows what you are going through right now. Their role will be to talk you out of buying an item which you don’t need or something which you just saw on sale. If possible, you can even let your friend carry your cash so that you have to ask him/her every time you try to make a purchase. Trying to convince someone that you need an item can be very tiring and can make you lose your interest in making that unnecessary purchase. Of course, when you bring someone, always choose your reliable friends. If you shop with someone who also has a bad shopping habit, then you might end up spending more money than you meant to.

Changing your shopping habits isn’t very easy especially when you have been doing it for a few years or decades already. The steps outlined above are simple steps on how to stop shopping addiction. The real challenge lies in your determination and acceptance of your condition. Like with all forms of addiction, accepting that you have it is the first step and you should try to tap into a good support group for treatments or rehabilitation.

How to Get Rid of Ice Dams in the Winter

For those who are living in tropical countries, you won’t be able to relate with people who are doing their best to prevent ice dams on their roofing system. In the United States and Europe, ice dams are among the common problems that their residents try to resolve during the winter season. No matter how good your roofing system is, there’s always a possibility that you will experience the cold and dripping issues. Once your roof has been struck by ice dams, the best thing that you can do is to remove it properly and prevent it from happening again.

The Job Is Tricky

Basically, removing ice dams by yourself can be quite tricky. I repeat, as you do not have the right equipment to carefully eliminate the problem, the method could be tricky. Getting rid of ice dams through DIY guides usually requires hacking methods which can cause damages to your roof if not done correctly. In fact, you can do more harm than good in case you accidentally hit the roof shingles while you are hacking with the tools. It is risky and costly if that would be the result of clearing your roof of ice dams. Professionals though can get rid of the problem with the use of steam without inflicting any damage to the roof and ceiling. However, for those who are trying to save some money, a do-it-yourself job would be a nice option. You better do some homework so that you can do the job perfectly and save paying the bills of the experts.

Do It Properly With Caution

Hacking the ice with the use of ice pick or an axe would yield faster results. However, it can also break down the roof if not done properly. In short, they are very effective tools in eliminating ice dams with a higher risk though. There are other methods that can also be used to remove ice dams. However, they are not as effective as with the steaming method done by professionals. This is why you need to get professional help instead of doing it yourself if you want better results.

In case you notice some leaking in your roofing system, the best thing that you need to do is to hire a home inspector. They can tell you what to do as they are good at telling where the problem is. The inspection company can tell you the exact problem after conducting the inspection of your home. They are the best persons to determine what is going on your roofing system. You can ask recommendations in case there are some repairs or changes on your roofing system.

In conclusion, it is highly advised that you get professional help instead of doing it yourself if you have the budget. However, if your funding is an issue, you can do the ice dam elimination process by yourself using the above-mentioned method with care. Never rush the removal process though as it can be very risky in case you slipped your axe and hit the roof.

Surviving Holiday Shopping

Holiday shopping carries with it a terrible reputation for shoppers both amateur and seasoned. With the crowds flocking to stores and items being sold out blazing fast, even finding the items on your shopping list can be a nightmare. In addition, you have to put up with never ending queues to the fitting room, to the check-out counters, and even to the toilet. We’ve all heard of stories about people who got injured or people who got traumatized during the holiday rush. If you’ve tried to shop during that time, it’s not hard to see why. If you haven’t started on your shopping list, don’t fret. Here’s some tips how you can weather the storm for the holiday shopping rush to let you enjoy the holidays with your family in one piece.

List Your Budget

Before you open the door or start making lists, sit down first and check your savings account. After getting the exact figures of how much you can spend, make a budget for each person you will buy for. It can be a long and tedious process, but it will save you much hassle later on. After you get the amount down for each person, then you can start making lists. It will be easier to think of things that suit the person when you have budget constraints. You can think of things that they will like or try to remember things that they said they wanted to get. It’s important to know the prices of each item of course, and a quick internet search can help you remedy that problem.

Shop Early

We’re not talking about months in advance, but shopping weeks ahead of the holidays can be very advantageous. While other people are still preparing their lists and their gears ready, you’re already in the mall, strolling leisurely while buying the items from your list. It’s important to also remember that you should pace yourself. Just because you have a whole leisurely day ahead of you doesn’t mean that you should buy everything from your list in just that single day. Just buy what you can at your own pace, and then come back the next day if you still have some things left on your list.

Shop Online

Online shops are also mired with visitors during the holiday season so they reward early shoppers with different kinds of promotions or discounts. For you, this means getting good bargains without joining the fray inside malls. You can find lots of products online as well, from books to gadgets. This means that you can complete the holiday shopping even without stepping outside the house. If possible, you can even buy all your items in one online store so that you can avail yourself of combined shipping or combined discounts. There are even options to customize gifts online to make them a bit more personal.

Keep in mind though that you don’t have to force yourself to buy the items if you’re not comfortable buying them online. There are some items that you might want to have some tactile interaction before buying. During this time, your list would have dwindled down substantially so you’ll only have to buy a few things from the mall.

Shop at the Right Time

Heading to the mall on Saturday can be a stressful experience on its own. It can be tempting to go to the mall during that time and spend a lazy Saturday afternoon buying all your necessary items. However, that might be what the hundreds or thousands of other shoppers are thinking. Instead of heading to the mall during peak times, try to schedule your mall trip on off-peak times instead. Malls generally extend their shopping hours before the holiday season so that the holiday shopping mob will be considerably lesser. For you, this means that there will be no waiting in the parking lot, queuing in check-out counters, and waiting in line for the restroom. Early mornings and late nights are your best bet if you want your holiday shopping to be completed as quickly and as painlessly as possible.

Shop on a Full Stomach

It can be very tempting to immediately rush to the mall for some holiday shopping every chance you have. This could mean that you rush there without eating before you leave. You might think that it’s a good idea to grab something from the food court and then eat it while you do your shopping. However, you need to consider that during the holiday rush there is a very good chance you’ll end up stuck in a queue for hours. Nothing can be worse than waiting in line for that single item you must buy on your list while starving for a single bite of food. In addition, eating before you leave will ensure that you will have energy to rush through the crowds, jostle for that last item, and stand patiently in line. This will help you be less cranky and help you think clearly when decisions have to be made in that split second. Moreover, the lines in the food court are another problem of their own so you save more time for your shopping by avoiding the food court in general.

Use the Buddy System

Whether it’s a trusted relative, your partner, or your shopping buddy, it’s always better to shop in pairs. If you think about it, it might seem easier to shop by yourself since you don’t have to wait for someone as they buy their item, and you can quickly leave the mall when you’re done. On the other hand, during the holiday rush, this theory is invalid. Doing your holiday shopping with a partner means that you divide the list and then the both of you head off dashing to get your lists done. If one partner is already finished early, then they can help one person with their list. This theory has been tested and proven by holiday shoppers time and time again so you should seriously consider it. Lastly, there are also more hands to carry all those bags so in this case, two heads are really better than one.

Shop Safe

With all that hustle and bustle of humanity all around you during the holiday rush, it can be very easy to lose track of your belongings like your wallets. It’s a good idea to prepare for shopping as you would for a Mardi Gras. Just carry what you need like your cell phone and wallet, and put them in a place where it’s easy to access like a front packet or a small pouch bag you wear around your neck. Even if you shop online, there is still the risk of buying bogus items so you should consider shopping from reputable online stores as well.

There are many other tips on how to survive holiday shopping you may have learned from your own experiences. Combining these with the list above can ensure that you enjoy your holiday and still get everyone that special gift to make you the special parents or the special aunt/uncle.

Guide to Making an Online Store

Online shopping has increased almost exponentially over the past few years. It has exceeded what experts forecasted before in terms of popularity and sales. A lot of big and small businesses have already tapped into this market and are reaping the benefits. It’s a fairly easy market to get into; you just need a bit of tech-savvy skills and an eager personality to make it work. It doesn’t work immediately on the first try and might even take a couple of tries to get it off the ground, but here’s a couple of tips to help you get started on making an online store or adding online shopping to your already existing business.

Decide on a Product

Online shopping carries convenience with it, since the shopper can shop in the comfort of their own home at their convenient time. However with this convenience, it also takes away a couple of major experiences we expect in buying from a traditional store. For instance, the customer can’t take a look at the product personally or try on the product to see if it fits or not. Online stores have to adjust to these factors and try to work around it. Deciding on your product from the get-go will help you anticipate possible problems in the future.

When you’re still mulling about opening an online store or branching out an online store for your business, you should take a good hard look at your product/s for sale. Some of the questions you need to ask for yourself are:

  • Is it a physical product that needs to be shipped or a digital product that can be sent via the internet? If it is a physical product, then you need to be prepared with shipping costs or methods so that your customers won’t complain about slow service. If it is a digital product, then you also need to make sure that you have a system to ensure that the customer will be able to receive the product without a hitch.
  • Will you be creating the product yourself? If you will be creating the product yourself, then you need to anticipate production demands and make sure that you are able to meet them in time. If possible, you might even outsource some of your production processes so that it’ll make the production easier on your part.
  • Will you have a wide variety of inventories? For artwork or other vintage items, it can be very profitable, but also a bit difficult to hit the right market. If you have multiple items available, then it can affect your online store’s layout and even the shipping strategy. Try to think of possible ways in which you can make sure your delivery methods will go smoothly.

Find a Niche

Knowing what to sell is only the first part in opening an online store. You should also know what will set your product apart from the competition. After all, you’re not the first person who has thought of selling sweaters or clothing apparel online. A good question to ask yourself is “why would a customer buy from your store when they have hundreds of other stores to choose from?” To start with, you can take a look at your competition and study what sets them apart from the others. If you’re going to market your products and store in a certain place or portal, try to check the competition within those portals.

For your products, you could try to make it more original and use your uniqueness to appeal to customers everywhere. However don’t overdo the original part and thus make it appealing to only a very few number of people in the market. Try to strike a balance that is highly original yet still appeals to the general public.

Start Small Scale

In the real world, you wouldn’t immediately open up a shop in a major department store selling your products on your first try. Testing the waters means that you start selling in flea markets, craft shows, or other similar venues. In online shopping, it also holds true and you wouldn’t want to open up your own website on the get-go. You should start selling your items individually on other big merchant websites to get a good feel about your product and know what works or not. You could start by tweaking the prices and getting to know the customers that buy your products. This will be like your pre-market research so you’ll know how to expand and develop your product in the future.

Register Your Business

Just because you’re selling in cyberspace doesn’t mean that you’re not covered by the law. You still need to register according to your state’s laws. At this point, talking with a lawyer can help streamline things and avoid any nasty technicalities that may arise when your business takes off. While you’re still a small business enterprise, technicalities might not be evident but when your business starts growing and attracts attention, these technicalities could come back and bite you. Playing fair will ensure that you and your customers will be protected by the law all throughout the transaction period.

Build Your Website

There are a couple of things you need to know before you create your own web space. First off, you need to register a domain name or a website name under your business name. It can be difficult for first-timers so there are a lot of web-hosting service providers that help you with it. They help from registering your domain name to managing your website content. Of course, these service providers come at different prices so reading more about their reputation and their prices can be a very smart step before you commit to any service provider.

When it comes to web designing, it can get pretty frustrating for people without any technological background. Hiring a website designer can help make things easier for yourself as you focus on the product and other aspects of the business. However even if you’re too busy with the other aspects, stay on top of the designing process and keep the customer’s point of view in mind. Even if you don’t like it, keep in mind that the customer will be the one visiting your website, not you. Don’t make it too flashy but more of a simple, straightforward, and easy to navigate webpage.

Build Your Market

One of the advantages in using an online store for your business is that you can collect your customers’ email addresses and use them to send your newsletters or the like. This will ensure that customers will still stay updated every time you have promotions or discounts ongoing at your online store.

Online shopping has come a long way when it first started. This is a guide for making an online store, but it does not say what you need to do to make it successful. There is no single strategy to make it work. You need to try different strategies and different tactics to make your product well-known in the market; only time can teach you that part.

Importance of Design

Design is any idea that is transferred into a plan to accomplish the creation of an object or the birth of a system. Anything we see on earth was made according to the design of the creator. Material objects are made from the ideas of a person. They were created to help make life easier for the humans. Systems are also developed based on what the users needed. In short, designs are invented because of the needs of the users. As a solution, they provide the answers to the problems at hand.

People need design for almost everything. It is an important factor in life that we need to consider understanding. Most of us know it as the color and shape of an object. However, it’s far more than what our eyes can meet. It’s not about how flashy or luxurious an object looks; it’s how it works to make our daily lives better.

Although it’s true that designs provide aesthetic to an object or system, it shouldn’t be our main focus as a whole. Aesthetic diminishes the true importance of design if we focus on the outward appearance of an object. While style is easily recognized by our eyes and taste for what’s beautiful, design is actually used to make an object fit to its purpose. Overall design is what’s important. We can always argue about the beauty of an object or system. However, we can never ignore its importance in our lives. More often than not, beauty fades as time goes by. However, its use or purpose will still serve us for a longer period of time. If design is always based on the outward appearance, how can we value a design once its beauty fades?

Design and Our Daily Lives

One of the best examples of the effects of design on our daily lives is our car. Automobiles were designed to transport people from one place to another. Although they were also designed to look beautiful, they were originally created as a form of transportation. Cars portray the importance of design in our daily lives. It provides us with a machine that can travel people with comfort and style.

Shoes were also designed to fit perfectly on our feet. They were also made to provide cushion while walking, running, or even when standing. Its aesthetic provision is only an additional feature to the original purpose of our shoes. However, most people understand design as the color, shape, and looks of a pair of shoes. As a result, most of us pay less importance to the “design” of the said item.

Although we run through various designs with objects, foods are also designed to make our daily lives a lot easier. Ever wondered why we cook food in the first place? The system of cooking was designed to kill the harmful bacteria found on meat and other food sources. While some food can be eaten raw, cooking has been practiced as a form of hygienic living. However, we do not see design on cooking as our common understanding for design is something the eyes can see.

Generally, design seems to be on almost everything we do on a daily basis. Most of us do not appreciate design when we don’t see it though. Design is any idea that allows people to do something better or great with their hands and mind.

How Design Affects Our Lives

According to research, most of the lives of the teens nowadays are affected by the various gadgets released on the market. Actually, we don’t need some research to tell us that our kids can no longer go to school without their gadgets. In fact, it’s one of the common problems with most families nowadays. Parents get angry with their teens because they spend more time on their gadgets than on their studies. Years ago, kids were bringing books to school so that they studied about their subjects. Today, an iPad can help you do research from anything to everything you want to know. All you need to do is click a few buttons with your mouse and keyboard. After that, results about your query will pop out in front of you.

Gadgets are designed to make our lives convenient. All of our needs are installed on a single gadget so that we won’t have to carry various objects in our bags. Before, you must have a watch in order to tell the time. Today, you can tell the time even if you don’t have a watch as long as you have a cellular phone. Cell phones have a built in watch that allows people to know the exact time of the day. This feature makes mobile phones indispensable as a gadget used on a daily basis.

Design is actually more than appearance despite our common belief about it. If you look closely, design normally enhances the lives of people in various ways. One of the best ways it affects our lives is by changing it. By change, it means that life becomes easier for the people. Design allows us to do our jobs a lot faster and easier. It also helps us save serious money because of their efficiency. As mentioned above, it is more than what our eyes can see. It’s actually what we get from an object or system that makes a design brilliant.

Every person’s lives are affected by the various designs of objects and systems. If you think that your life isn’t going as you’ve expected, perhaps there are some things that aren’t designed according to your plans. After all, some plans don’t really go along as expected. However, you should always consider design as an important part of your life.

Status Symbol

Lastly, design can also be considered as a social status. As mentioned above, most people regard design as something we see and appreciate with our vision. More often than not, a good design always provides an aesthetic view. People who enjoy brilliant designs also relish a good status symbol in the society. In fact, even kids with a good cellular phone design can brag about it among his friends.

A good design of almost anything is a ticket to make you a celebrity of what you are doing or what you have. Ever wondered why actors and actresses are celebrities in the first place? It’s because they were designed for acting. The same thing is true with race cars and everything. If you were designed for a purpose, then you’ll definitely deliver. There’s only a little chance that you won’t perform your duties or responsibilities. Once you’ve executed them, you’ll be valued as someone or something valuable.

Overall, design is important in the lives of every individual person. If you are living without design, it means you have no ideas. It would never allow us to move forward to civilization in the first place. As mentioned earlier, design is anything that is born out of the brilliant minds of the designer. Eventually, the concept will be put into reality. Design is a recipe to a successful life no matter where you look at it. We need it not only to make our lives a lot easier, but also to live a good life to the fullest.

What is Design

People usually appreciate anything with a good design. In fact, we even spend a lot of money just to get good ideas. Normally, it’s everywhere. You can find it on every single item or structure on our planet. It’s what makes anything fit right with everything. Design allows cars to run perfectly on our roads. At the same time, our roads were designed to make transportation smooth and comfortable.


Design is a plan for the creation of any object or system. It is commonly used on everything. We usually come up with designs for everything we create. You can find it from the smallest things to the largest ones. In fact, even thumbtacks have designs in order to work perfectly for their purpose.

Basically, designing is an activity that transfers your idea into something useful to a person, animal, or an object. As mentioned above, cars were designed to run perfectly on roads. On the other hand, design enables our roads to be perfect places for us to drive our vehicles.

When our ideas are translated into something useful, they are considered as good designs. On the other end, ideas used as blueprints that resulted into something bad are considered as wrong designs. Basically, we think and make designs according to our needs. Although some designers go out of their norms just to make something look great, we usually follow standards to avoid wrong designs.

Importance of Design

Every single object or system has a design of its own before being constructed. It’s important to have a design before you create an object. Designs are capable of turning concepts into realities. This is why there’s a huge demand for designers all over the world. Despite the fact that engineers, mechanics, and craftsmen are all capable of constructing something, it’s impossible to make them function without a good design.

Overall, design is fundamental to everything we do whether it’s an object or a system. We need a plan for everything in order to get the results we want. Without it, success is hard to achieve regardless of how good you are in your field. In fact, any average individual will look like a genius as long as he has a brilliant design. As a person, design has an impact to our everyday life.

Advantages of Having a Design

It’s impossible to create something without a design. As human beings, we normally do things with a plan regardless of the significance of the object or system. As previously discussed, a design is an important factor to the success of a person. Without it, we’ll be having a hard time doing things with positive results.

One of the best advantages of having a design is that you know what you are expecting from a project. A design allows you to see the possible results of what you are constructing. In addition, it helps you to make adjustments or possible changes that would not affect the outcome of the project. Normally, an average individual would thrive on whatever he is doing as long as he has a plan. A design is a plan or blueprint that will let you accomplish your goals with good results.

Another advantage of a design is that it allows you to speed up your development process. At the same time, it helps you to reduce the risks of failing. Designs are great for both the amateurs and the professionals. All men need a good design in order to be successful with a project. It’s important to have one to make sure that your project won’t end with a failure. Bad results are either caused by defective designs or bad execution. Designs can prevent major problems while improving the abilities of the creator.

Designs also provide solutions to possible problems. As often mentioned above, it is a plan or blueprint that allows the designer or user to become successful with his project. One way to reap success with your project is by preventing or addressing possible issues. If you know that there’s something possibly wrong with your project, you can always take a quick look at your design to see what it would be.

Evolution of Designs

As time flies, various designs evolve to cater the needs of mankind. Design patterns usually improve over time. As a result, we make improvements on our designs to create better projects. Humans have seen the evolution of designs from the smallest to the biggest objects in the world. We’ve seen cellular phone designs evolved from larger phones that became smaller with each design that came out of the market. As the designs became smaller, they became more sophisticated in providing lots of features to the users. The sophistication became a good thing for the consumers though as they are now enjoying lots of things with their cellular phones.

The same thing goes with the other objects on Earth. In fact, the evolution of designs also affects various systems. In the past, banks follow a traditional system where clients can only deposit their money by personally going to the bank. Today, an improved system allows account holders to deposit or transfer their money via the internet.

Designs and the User

People often get or create designs according to their needs. As a user, you only get designs according to your needs. Without one, you can’t appreciate a design regardless of its brilliance. Designs are meant for people with a need for one. Otherwise, it’s just a waste of precious ideas that won’t materialize into a project.

Designs are usually intended to what the customer wants in the first place. Designers create plans or ideas and transfer them into a blueprint according to what is needed by the user. Creativity is added into the design to make it unique and special. In addition, commercial insights are also considered in a design.

Almost all designs are based on heavy research, testing, and various strategies to hit the mark. Although there’s no assurance that a design will bring success, good designs are destined to help people have a better chance at being successful. In fact, it allows people to be one step closer to success. For example, a livestock breeder requires a designer to make a design for a system that will convert animal waste into energy. The design would usually favor the user by providing his needs. As a result, he’ll be able to get rid of the waste by turning it into a power source. As simple as that, the design has helped him address his problem while allowing the user to be successful with his career.

While most designs produce results, some do not deliver to their potentials. This is why innovations are needed in order to get the right one. Regardless of the results though, designs are highly needed as they are our guide to almost everything.

In general, a design is a necessity regardless of your project. Aside from making an object or system go along or fit according to your plan, it also gives you a sense of satisfaction. People who love cool car styles always have a design to start with. Without one, it would be impossible to make your vehicle look beautiful.

Different Medias and Writings of Romeo and Juliet

Over the years, there have been a lot of plays and stories that have been written and made into movies in an attempt to keep the play or story alive for the younger and new generation of today. One of the most popular plays in all of history was written by William Shakespeare, and it was called Romeo and Juliet. This particular play is still reviewed and taught in the core curriculum in the United States, and it is one of the plays that just about everyone is familiar with.

Basic Story behind Shakespeareís Romeo and Juliet

This particular play falls into the group of tragedies. It is about two teenagers who fall in love. Normally, this wouldnít be a problem, but these particular two teenagers come from two feuding families. Itís never really stated what started the feud between their families, but it didnít matter. The young Romeo was a Montague, and he was considered a peaceful and love sick fool, or at least that is how his character comes across. It is insinuated that he is always falling in and out of love with different women. That is until he spots the faire Juliet Capulet at a Capulet masquerade ball.

The rest of the play is centered around the young Romeo and the faire Juliet and their love for each other. They go through many trials to be together. They even get a priest to marry them in secret, and it was the priestís hope that by their union, it might put an end to the feud between their two. This plan might have worked, but there was a situation that happened. Julietís cousin, Tybalt, killed Romeoís best friend Mercutio after Tybalt began to try and attack Romeo for having been at the Capulet ball. In a fit of revenge and rage, Romeo killed Tybalt in order to avenge Mercutioís death.

The circumstances behind the two deaths were dire, and normally, Romeo would have been put to death for killing Tybalt. However because he was avenging the death of Mercutio, the Prince merely banished Romeo outside of the city walls. This was a horrible thing to happen. In a way to get them back together, the priest gives Juliet an elixir that would make her seem like she was dead. He sent a letter to Romeo, but it did not reach him before the news of Julietís supposed death. When he comes to her side, Romeo kills himself with poison before Julietís elixir wears off. Upon waking up, Juliet finds Romeo dead at her side, and it is then that she stabs a dagger into her heart to join him in death.

The 1968 film Romeo and Juliet

This version of Shakespeareís Romeo and Juliet was filmed and directed by Franco Zeffirelli. Romeo was played by Leonard Whiting, and Juliet was played by a young girl by the name of Olivia Hussey. This particular version of Romeo and Juliet won two different Academy Awards. It won Best Cinematography and Best Costume Design.

The 1996 film Romeo and Juliet

This version of Romeo and Juliet was directed by Baz Luhrmann. He casted Leonardo DiCaprio as his Romeo, and Claire Danes played the role of his Juliet. This particular version was a little different than the 1968 version. It attempted to bring Romeo and Juliet into a more modern world with cars and guns. In some ways it succeeded, but it other ways it failed miserably in this aspect.

Some of the Best Comedians in the Movies

There are a lot of different types of movies on the market today. One of the most popular types of movies out there is comedies. There are a lot of different famous comedians within these movies. I am going to mention just a few of them, and some of the movies that you might find them in.

Adam Sandler

Adam Sandler is one of the more recent comedians in movies. He has made a lot of hit movies as the leading role in his career, and he has started as a backup in many others. Some of the movies that he is best known for is his leading roles in Billy Madison, The Waterboy, and Mr. Deeds. These are just a few of the more popular films that he held the lead role in.

He is by far one of my personal favorite comedians, because regardless in what role he plays, he brings a certain humor to it. Even in times that could be serious, he brings a certain air to them that make them more enjoyable. This is especially seen in his role in Big Daddy, when he has to go to court to prove his innocence about lying to the government.

Pauly Shore

Pauly Shore has been making comedies since the early 90s, and he has always been known on film as the crazy idiot that makes everyone laugh while being one of the smartest characters in the movie. The best example of him in this role was his film Son-in-Law. He was a resident advisor in his dorm in California, and he befriended a girl from the country. He helped her find herself, but when they go back to her house for Thanksgiving, a whole lot of crazy stuff happens, and they end up getting engaged.

A lot of his movies are extremely hilarious and generally they involve him having a co-start comedian along for the ride with him. He hasnít been doing a lot of movies as of late, but he is still a great action and a great comedian. I give two thumbs up to Pauly Shore as both an actor and great comedian.

Eddie Murphy

Speaking on great comedians, it would not be right to actually mention Eddie Murphy. He has played in a lot of different types of movies, but before he became an actor, he was even a greater standup comedian. That is actually how he got his start in movies. It is imperative to remember where he came from even though the majority of people know him for his actual acting career.

He is by far one of the greatest comedians both standup and actors in the world today, and he is still working on films and television. One of the things that makes him a great comedian and actor is the fact that he can and has played a diverse amount of roles. Heís played a prince, a cop, and even a nutty professor.

Thanks to All Comedians

I just want to take the time to thank all of the comedians in the world, not just the famous ones. You all provide laughter and comic relief to the world and it is imperative that we appreciate this art as a whole.

Hair Loss Prevention Tips

Hair fall and hair loss is a common issue for many people nowadays. This problem is found to be due to various causes including hormonal imbalance, oily scalp, diet irregularities, hereditary, stress, dandruff and change in water. So, here are some of the natural solutions and treatments that can help you with this problem.

Coriander Juice

Coriander or cilantro is also a popular remedy that boosts the growth of hair while at the same time fights hair fall. It also provides your hair with the needed nutrients to facilitate healthy hair growth. Below are the steps on how you can prepare this treatment.

  • 1. Make a paste out of newly chopped leaves of coriander and water. Prepare this with a juice-like consistency and then filter the juice for easy application on your scalp. Then leave it on for approximately an hour before rinsing it off with shampoo.
  • 2. The coriander juice hair loss treatment is safe to use twice a week for up to 3 weeks to one month depending on the intensity of the hair fall.

Onion Juice

Onion is quite well known already because of its effectiveness when it comes to problems with falling hair. In fact a few people are aware that onion juice is one of the ingredients of certain exclusively-made medicine for hair loss. It works as a stimulant for hair growth because of its ability to increase the circulation of blood in the scalp. Moreover, it also cleanses the scalp by acting as an antiseptic. Hereís how you can prepare this juice:

  • 1. Place a large onion into a blender and process it into juice. Then filter it to take out the juice and separate the pulp. This will make it easier for you to apply it on your scalp and leave it on for one hour.
  • 2. Because onion does not really smell good, you can try adding into the juice some rose water. Then, after an hour, rinse it off and use a shampoo without Sodium Lauryl Sulphate.
  • 3. Depending on how severe the hair fall is, this remedy is safe to use multiple times in a week up to three weeks.

Yogurt and Fenugreek Seeds

This duo is believed to best be used by people suffering from both hair fall and dandruff. Because of the nicotinic acid and protein in the fenugreek seeds, sometimes called methi seeds, hair growth is a guarantee. If you have an oily scalp, you can replace yogurt with aloe vera juice or simply use water instead in making the paste so that it will be easier for you to apply it on your scalp. In this treatment, yogurt is known to give nourishment while at the same time act as a conditioner especially for dry and itchy scalp. Here are the steps on how you can prepare this paste.

  • 1. Mix the yogurt and the fenugreek powder depending on your hair length. Make a paste that is enough to cover your entire hair in order that it will be conditioned for up to one hour before rinsing off using herbal shampoo.
  • 2. This paste takes up to 3 weeks and needs to be applied twice every week to achieve the desired results.